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Hi, my name is Casey.  I’m the founder of Jump Start Resume and my mission is to get you a job that you love!

How do I do that?  By giving you a powerhouse resume that tells your future employer why they’d be CRAZY not to hire you.

Why? Because I get it!

I’ve spent over 8 years in corporate recruiting and Human Resources.  I’ve worked with staffing agencies, hiring managers, CFOs, and CEOs and unfortunately I'm very familiar with the word “No.”

Over the years, I’ve had to turn down thousands of candidates who probably would have been a great fit, but they just couldn't figure out how to sell themselves. And now, I’m on a mission to change that.

My Big Decision

In 2016, I'd had enough with the word "No" - even if I was the one saying it - and I decided it was time to be on the other side of the table.

I knew that if job seekers had someone who could help them navigate the chaos of a typical job hunt they would save a lot of time and frustration, and they'd probably end up in a better role. My goal was to become that person, acting as the ultimate sidekick and career coach. But first I needed to be my own career coach.

While I knew I wanted to launch JSR, I also craved some extra inspiration and what better way to find it than to get out in the world and find out exactly what people wanted in their careers!

In February of 2016, I received the opportunity of a lifetime to do just that. So, after a lot of debate...I quit. I left the job that I was both comfortable and successful in, packed my bags and hit the road - literally. And from there, JSR was born! 

In the beginning, it was bumpy - like most big life decisions - but the more I learned about professionals around the world, the more determined I was. It was no longer about just getting people a "Yes" for a job that paid the bills. It was about getting people a career that gave them both a life and an ability to showcase their strengths. And that is everything.

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So, How I Do It?

Though you can find 1000's of resume editing services, I'm here to give you that extra spice you need to not only get noticed, but to get your foot in the right door.

I provide personalized consultations that tailor your resume for the job you want - working with you 1-on-1 and not through another corporate maze. My job is to be here for you.

If that also means you have a little less direction but are looking to emphasize the skills that would be most beneficial for a whole host of positions, I've got you!

If you get clammy in interviews, need some prep, or just forget to write that darn "Thank You Note," I've got you there too.

Either way, I’ll work with you - me & you - to make sure you finally stand out from the crowd and get your "Yes." 


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Casey Carr-Jones has over 8 years of experience in Human Resources.  She held the role of Vice President HR for a financial services company, responsible for recruiting, onboarding, training, and compensation, before embarking on a year-long journey traveling around the world.  

She launched JSR in 2016 after seeing one too many qualified candidates’ resumes end up in the "No" pile.  

Casey holds a PHR certification, is a member of SHRM, and her favorite color is wine (seriously...).