Resume Blooper: Volume 1

Welcome to The Blog - capital T capital B!  A little bit about me: I am a certified PHR (Professional in Human Resources), my favorite food is mac and cheese which interferes with my love of working out, and I like coffee.  I really like coffee.  If coffee was a man, we would have 12 kids and a beach house on Long Island.  My desk is littered with ghosts of coffee cups past, a tribute to the day's work.

Throughout my career, I've spent a lot of time recruiting.  Sometimes it's one position at a time, but more often I have 8 open roles and all of them needed to be closed yesterday.  This leads to a lot of resume review, and did I mention coffee?

At this point, I feel as though I have seen everything in terms of typos.  One lady said she "Paid fantastic attention to detail" but spelled 'detail' wrong.  One gentleman worked at the State Department in PA for over 10 years, yet his resume spelled it 'Pennsylvainia.'  Ouch.

This week might top it all though.  Enter Mr. Christopher Doe (obviously not his last name.  I do wonder if anyone names their kid John or Jane with the Doe surname.  Would make for some hilarious introductions).  Christopher applies for an Accounting position and I can tell he has some basic skills for this entry-level role.  Unfortunately for Mr. Doe, he spelled his name 'Christoppher' on his resume.  I even checked LinkedIn to confirm it wasn't some eccentric parent screwing around with the birth certificate, but alas.  Chris either had a strange affection for the letter P, or he didn't review this document.  Either way, my CFO would be in stitches if I sent this one through.