Resume Blooper: Volume 2

The 'Hobbies' section on a resume, if present, always throws me for a loop.  As a job hunter, I never included passions or hobbies.  I only have a limited amount of space so I didn't want to waste a line on my obsession with travel.  I think of a resume as a professional document to prove you have the capabilities to perform the work; personality comes through during an interview.

That being said, I hear a lot of conflicting opinions regarding listing hobbies on a resume.  "It's a way to connect with the recruiter," or "Maybe you were in the same fraternity as the hiring manager, and can connect."  This is true, and I have heard of connections being made over a shared love of bowling or ballet, but I fear this is far from the norm.  It is more likely you'll scare someone off if you list something too unique (e.g. I like to surf naked), and in contrast, listing general common hobbies is a bore (e.g. I like to hang out with friends and watch movies).

My advice is: if the core of your being is attached to that particular interest, go for it.  And realize that it might be a turn-off for some companies, especially corporate office environments.  But if you wouldn't be able to work for a company who doesn't appreciate your beekeeping ability, then add it to your resume and wait for the right fit.  

As an alternative, find a job related to your passion.  They exist!