Power Hour Job Hunt Strategy: Part Two

Job hunting. An umbrella term that can mean a whole host of things.  Job hunting for you could mean aimlessly perusing Monster without actually submitting any applications.  It could mean you attend a networking event with the hopes of making new connections who can refer you in the future.  It might mean you’re feverishly applying to 5 jobs a day.  You might be job hunting from the couch while you’re unemployed, or from your work computer at a job you hate (Note: I strongly advise against this.  I’ve fired people for this reason!).


Feeling lost? Never fear, I've got the jobseeker's roadmap for how to structure your job search, and specifically, your power hour.


Note: this list assumes that (A) Your resume is updated, (B) Your LinkedIn is updated, and (C) Your resume is uploaded to your job sites (Monster, Indeed, etc.).



  1. Log into Job Board 1 (I recommend Indeed and Monster, but there are dozens of quality sites out there that are more specific to your industry or target role).  Scan for recently posted jobs (within a 2-3 week posting date MAX).

  2. Found a job that fits your knowledge, skills, and abilities  ...  and you would enjoy doing the work?  Go to the company's website and check them out so you have a basic understanding of what they do.

  3. Check LinkedIn to see if you have any connections to an employee at that company.  If so, reach out to them via LinkedIn InMail (or email or Facebook which normally are checked more often).

  4. All good? Apply to the job.  Don't wait! Don't sit on it, don't ask 12 friends first, don’t sleep on it, just apply.  You can always decline a job offer later if it’s not a fit, but don’t become paralyzed before even throwing your hat into the ring!  

    1. Follow all directions, fill out all fields on the form.  Are they making you essentially retype your resume again? Oh well, just do it.  If you want the job, do it.

  5. Want to go the extra mile? If you have LinkedIn for job seekers, message their head of recruiting. Just a quick Hi, I applied for XYZ role and am very excited about the role because XXX.  Please let me know if you need any additional information.

  6. Rinse and repeat.  Aim for at least 2-3 job applications per power hour.



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