3 Ways Your Resume Ends Up in the Trash

I’ve been a recruiter for over 8 years now.  I’ve been the person on the other end of the computer, receiving your application, scanning through it, and making a lightning-fast decision YAY or NAY.  Interview or trash.  Make a call or send a rejection email (or sometimes no email at all if I forgot, whoops!).

You’ve probably cursed my name once or twice.

But I’m here to redeem myself and help you out with 3 major ways you resume ends up in the trash.


Paragraph Job Descriptions

Run-on sentences and giant paragraphs do not make a happy, healthy resume.  I (and many other recruiters) do our best to read through the sludge but honestly, why make it difficult for someone to understand your most recent accomplishments?  Using bullet points streamlines your thoughts and allows for someone to quickly understand your skills and abilities.


Wonky Formatting

If I see multiple types of bullet points, different font sizes, or inconsistent alignment and punctuation, you’re done.  If I pull up your resume on the screen and it looks like a big ole mess right away, I do a cursory skim of your most recent role and then usually move to the next resume if I’m not halfway intrigued.  Harsh?  Perhaps.  But it happens.  FIX IT.


Incorrect Objective

If you’re applying to my company at Fun House Inc. and your objective statement tells me how much you want to work for Crazy Condos LLC, we have a problem.  This tells me you didn’t proofread, pay attention, or take any care when applying to this role.  And if you’re sloppy during the application process I can only expect you to be sloppy on the job.



Bottom line: I can’t forward your resume to the hiring manager if it is a complete mess.  My reputation is at stake too, not just yours.  These are three very simple ways your resume can go from the INTERVIEW pile to the REJECT pile, so take notice!