Power Hour Job Hunt Strategy: Part One

Confession!  Back in my college days I was all about efficiency - more in my social life than my academics - and I loved a good power hour. Ever heard of one?

You line up a can (or 5) of beer, and a shot glass.  You put on a special playlist (or custom created movie clips or music videos or youtube videos, I told you this is not my first rodeo) and every minute, the song/video clip changes with the sound of a bell, and you drink a shot of beer.  You do this for 60 minutes (hence the name Power Hour).

Today, those power hours are a thing of the past but that efficiency mindset definitely isn't!  Whether I'm knocking out a new blog post, helping out a client, or planning my next trip, I still love the power hour concept when I need to get stuff done!!

Apply this principle to job hunting and you get one hour with one mission: targeted, laser-focused job hunting.


How to create your own successful power hour:

  • Plan your power hour in advance and put it on your calendar.  I recommend 1-2 times per week.  If you’re job hunting all day every day, eventually you will run out of positions to apply to and can burn out!

  • Decide what time of day works best for you.  If you can wake up early and get the search done before you start your day, go for it!  Otherwise I’ve found success doing a power hour after dinner, sometimes with a glass of wine in hand.  

  • Eliminate all distractions.  Download a productivity app (I love SelfControl), close out of Facebook and leave your phone in another room.

  • Set the timer!

  • Follow through!  You are a BOSS, and you’ve set this meeting on your calendar for you.



So you tried the power hour, sat down and didn’t know where to begin?  You want to be ‘job hunting’ but does that mean spending time on LinkedIn networking, or combing through Indeed.com?  Stick around for Power Hour Job Hunt Strategy: Part Two where I share a checklist for what exactly you should do during this focused hour.