Are You Still in Love With Your Job?




It’s February, and I’m wondering how many of you out there are in love. I know I am.  Heart pounding,  grin-inducing, gets-me-out-of-bed-in-the-morning LOVE.  No I’m not talking about your significant other, I’m talking about your job!


But maybe you feel differently.  Maybe you’re questioning your career path as you drive to the office in the morning.  Maybe you hate your company’s mission or brand.  Maybe you moderately like your company but you want to look for internal opportunities.  Maybe you can’t stand the people in your department, but you would rather stay than start over at a new organization.

And maybe you’re not sure what you want, you just know you’re not 100% satisfied.  If this is the case, here are two questions to ask yourself to determine if you need to find a new company, or just a brand new role.


Am I still learning?


Ongoing growth through learning, personal development, and professional development are key to job satisfaction.  Ask yourself if you learned any new task, process, or theory in the past month.  Were you asked to help on a new project?  Did you lead a presentation?  Did you explore a new technology that will help make your work more efficient?  Did you attend training?

If the answer is no, take some time to figure out if you are asking for growth.  It’s not necessarily your manager’s responsibility to give you fulfillment in your role.  So ask!  And you may be surprised by the opportunities available.  You can also see if there are extra responsibilities you can take on (provided you have the capacity) to give your role additional depth or breadth.


Do I feel respected and appreciated?


When you find a good company to work for, you know it. They have strong ethical values, treat you like a professional, provide good benefits and compensation, and are invested in your success as an employee and team member.

But after several years, you might be feeling the grass-is-greener blues.  So to get some perspective, ask yourself if you feel respected by your peers, managers, and senior leaders.  Ask yourself if you understand how your work fits into the organization as a whole - what is the impact of your role?  Do you feel appreciated after you put in a particularly long and hard day?

If the answer is no, this is a red flag that it may be time to look into something new.


So it’s February, the month of conversation hearts, chocolates, and perhaps a little soul searching.  Jump Start Resume can help you out if you end up deciding to apply for something new, both internal and external!