The Best Interview Answer I've Ever Heard

Story time.  I was sitting in my New York City office, interviewing for a role I had a hell of a time trying to fill.  I’d reviewed over 200 (not an exaggeration) resumes and had interviewed probably 10 people at that point.  I was struggling looking for the perfect mix of personality (someone who wanted to work long hours without complaining, mainly) and skill set, and interview after interview, handshake after sweaty handshake, I was not finding the right hire.

Finally, I meet a candidate I really like.  Proven work history, drive to work overtime, desire for growth and learning as demonstrated by weekend coursework towards her degree.  She liked the company, she was in our price range.


Final question: “I’m really looking for a rockstar for this position.  So tell me, how do I know you’re a good fit for this job?”

Answer: “I’ve got the skills to do the job and am interested in learning more to make the position more efficient and automated.  You say you’re looking for a rock star?  Well I’m Bon Jovi.”


That clever line got this woman a job, and she proved herself earning 2 promotions in 3 years.  The take-away here?  Show your personality.  Improvise.  Know your audience.  Don’t be afraid to use humor at the appropriate time.  And when in doubt, go with Bon Jovi.


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